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Your Wi-Fi router is vulnerable to cyberattacks

That is the conclusion of a recent study by The American Consumer Institute, which has determined that 5 out of 6 routers that are available on the market have severe security flaws. Read this article to discover the main causes of the problem, as well as the available solutions.

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slow internet

Why your Internet connection is sooo slow

Your wireless connection is really slow, and you already know that. But why is it misbehaving so badly? This guide discusses router performance, poorly coded software, signal interference, wireless repeaters, mesh networks, and more.

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wifi theft

Protect your home from Wi-Fi theft

Did you know that most hackers use other people's Wi-Fi connections to do their dirty jobs? If you are a victim, this article will help you discover the unknown devices which are utilizing your Internet connection, and then shut them down for good.

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malware threats

A quick guide to malware threats

The number of malware applications has grown to a staggering 120+ million hostile apps last year. Often, hackers set up dedicated servers, which will then be used for their nefarious activities: spam, phishing sites, virus distribution platforms, and more.

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Working with VPNs

Virtual Private Networks help people keep their online data... private, of course! Not all VPNs are created equal, though! Read this article and you will discover the key differences between PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and SSTP, the most used data tunneling protocols.

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